Projects not loading files when switching projects

I recently nuked my global settings file on the advice of Carey, to stop Places occasionally going haywire.

Now, it appears that Projects won’t close existing project files, and load new project files, when switching projects. Nor do they load when restarting Komodo.

I have Projects preferences to close existing files and open new files when switching. Changing these to “Ask” makes no difference either.

I’ve been seeing the same behavior since I began using Komodo Edit 8.5.3, Ubuntu, a couple of months ago. Couldn’t figure out what projects were for if not to manage project files. Happy to see this is apparently just a bug, very interested in a solution.

Hey guys, I just tried this on a Windows machine and an Ubuntu machine. I’m not seeing it in several different workflows. A basic example:

  • reset profile
  • start Komodo
  • open a project then a file
  • open another project, Komodo asks me what to do
  • “Yes close the files and no don’t ask me again”, this sets the prefs to always close in Projects and Workspace. new project opens
  • open the previous project again, Komodo asks me what to do
  • “yes open old files and no don’t ask me again”, again prefs get set here.

EDIT: this “frowny face” is supposed to be more sad and less…“surprised”.
It works properly for me :frowning:
I found some references about this issue in the old forums and there is a related bug with a possible work around from Nathanr in the last comment. Bumping that bug to get some eyes on it again.

  • Carey

Is there some way I could zip and send my setup?

It seems that so many of Komodo’s bugs are “don’t see that on my setup” there really needs to be a way to get to the bottom of them.

Or can some kind of NSA-style remote debugging be built-in?

You could zip up your profile folder and send that over to us, it basically holds all your custom data (this is also the only folder you need to backup to preserve your settings, the actual app folder just holds the app, not your settings).

Note though that this folder can hold a lot of personal information. If you’re ok with us reading this you should be able to upload it on the bug tracker and flag it as “Only staff can see this”, or something along those lines.

Will provide more details if necessary, currently not in a position to do so.

OK, submitted:

I didn’t realize this behavior was configurable. I must have answered wrong when the dialogs popped up back when I was starting out with Komodo; resetting the profile got me back to the prompts and it’s working as expected for me now. FWIW I don’t understand the value of not closing the files so didn’t understand the consequence of answering these questions wrong.

Thanks for the help!

That’s a really good point actually, and I remember it’s something I commented on before right back when I started using Komodo. It’s almost Komodo being too helpful, and giving you too many options, and just making things confusing.

The analogy I think now about this, is a bit like switching Git branches.

  • Tracked, saved files have their contents updated automatically
  • Untracked files are left alone

Perhaps Komodo could emulate this by:

  • automatically closing and opening files that are related to a project
  • leaving open any other files

The File > Recent Files menu item is your friend if you do want some files back.

Good idea, I agree that the prompt might be trying to be more helpful than it needs to be, a sensible default would probably be better.