Project using wrong root

I want to store .komodoproject files outside my project dir. So i have such structure:

- projects
    - project1.komodoproject
    - project1 <dir>
    - project2.komodoproject
    - project2 <dir>

i can’t say for sure but i think that codeintel examine entire projects directory when i open my project1

My steps when i create a new project:
— create directory /projects/project_x and put source there
— Project —> New project…
— select my projects directory
— save as project_x.komodoproject
now in the left panel i have all my /projects directory tree
— Project —> Properties
— set project base directory as /projects/project_x

now double click on newly created project name under PROJECTS section and left panel will show /projects/project_x as root directory

But when codeintel examine files i think i saw in status bar files from other projects even if i have restarted Komodo.
Can you check is it a case?

Setting the base root of your Places file tree is only a temporary action, it does not adjust the root of the project. To adjust the root of the project simply right click your project in your sidebar and select “Properties”, then adjust the project root in the preference dialog that pops up.

I have done exactly same thing. Why do you think i’m setting up root of places file tree?

@careyh can you see if you can reproduce this issue?

I’ll try. I have disabled codeintel because it was cause a high CPU usage and RAM consumption with python process. I will enable it now and see if it was fixed in last update.