Project open event

Is there an event for “project has been opened”/“a project is open”?

Bumping a little: is there a list of any/all events that fire? What I’m most interested in is “on project open” and “on project close”, but also “on file open”/“on file close” (or perhaps tab?) and generally just what Komodo lets me subscribe to, if anything.

Here’s a list of events that seem to address what you are looking for:

  • project_opened
  • current_project_changed
  • workspace_restored
  • view_opened
  • view_closed

Note that when a workspace is restored a lot of these file events don’t fire, as they are being bulk processed and firing them individually would lead to a lot of overhead.

Unfortunately there does not appear to be a project_closed event. You could file an enhancement request for that. Note you could combine project_opened with current_project_changed to figure out if a project was closed, theoretically.

thanks! did this come out of the SDK? I’m so used to the docs at as my main reference.

Nope, I checked the source. Eg.✓&q=fireEvent

a-ha, I think what I’m looking for is ‘current_view_changed’, so I can update the statusbar based on the current view (tab).