Problems with Syntax Checking of PHP in Komodo Edit 8.5

Hello everyone.
I need your help. I am using the Komdo Edit 8.5 and have a problem with the Syntax checking of PHP. I added the php.exe and the php.ini to to Preferences->Languages->PHP, but it does not work for me. On the second screenshot you can see that, even though there are errors in my code, the Syntax checking Status does not show anything.

I maybe don’t know enough about PHP but I don’t think ecko is a syntax error. It’s a code error but as far as the syntax checker is concerned you’re calling a function ecko which is not a syntax error.

Try writing a function and leaving the } off the end of it. That should give you a syntax error.

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Please upgrade your Komodo Edit to version 10. You are literally years behind.

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Thank you for the answer. Of course you are right, but there is a syntax error too. At the end of line 4 a semicolon is missing,

I know, but that is on purpose. I have a lot of different code snippets for different languages and in Komodo 10 invoking the search of the Toolbos with ctrl+shift+k sometimes just did not work. In 8.5 it worked stable and that is why I went back to 8.5. However, the Syntax checking for PHP should also work in 8.5.

Thank you guys for your efforts! Now it works! It seems that it did not work, because the error was in the last statement of the code. When I add another statement to the code, then the error appears. However, I tested now the Komodo Edit 10.2.3 and for me personally the handling in 8.5 is much better and easier and the search of snippets in the toolbox using ctrl+shift+k is much faster in 8.5. Anyway, the handling thing is of course my subjective opinion.

Why not update your snippets/userscripts? It shouldn’t take much effort, not that much has changed in terms of API changes between 8.5 and 10.

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