Problematic new license model

The new license model (requirement for cloud) is rather problematic for me.

First of all, some of my development boxes have the requirement to not be able to access the internet for security reasons. Also, cloud upload of any of my code is absolutely not an option, i’m not in any way interested in (or allowed to) using Software as a service.

I also don’t understand the 30 day login requirement. Does my license expire if i don’t login for 30 days???

I’m not sure where you got cloud upload from. We’re not uploading anything to the cloud. You’re only authenticating against our platform, beyond that nothing changed.

The 30 day login “requirement” is actually not enforced at the moment, and might not be at all. But what it means is you’d need to use Komodo with an internet connection at least once every 30 days for it not to prompt you for re-authentication.

Note that authentication using an internet connection is only required once. After that if you do not have an internet connection but Komodo sees that you have successfully authenticated before you will still be able to use Komodo.

Which is to say, you do not need an internet connection to use Komodo aside from the first time you run it.

We’ll look into better facilitating your use-case, until then you could use an older version of Komodo: