Problem with STRG+F

Normally i press strg+f to write something to find in a field.
Sometimes this is not possible; then STRG+f opens a field, but only as long i press strg+f;
to solve this i have to press alt+n.
This kills me; i need strg+f every two minutes.What can i do, what do i change?

@anjade thanks for creating a new post. What key binding scheme are you using? Edit menu > Preferences > Keybindings and what platform are you on?

I don’t understand this statement. You press STRG+F and find opens? Then you release and it immediately disappears? What does press ALT + N accomplish? That should open the Navigation menu.

  • Carey

Just imagine, it is Monday, you open Komodo, you open a directory at your server, you open a file. Now i need a method “actionView”;
At lucky days, i press now STRG+F and then the cursor is in a field; there i write:


then i press F3

The cursor jumps to the right place.

At the next day, i want to do the same story, but now i press STRG+F and a field will be visible. I can insert anything, while i need to press STRG+F to see this field.

Then i have to press Alt+N to have a field where i can insert my searchword.

I dont use anything, i just have komodo, some servers/webs, that´s all. There is no modification.

Probably i have changed anything by pressing anything. While searching for bugs i a script from someone else, this is a real killer for my nerves. :slight_smile:

I found another clue maybe.
When everything is normal, i can press ALT+V+S to split screen;
when the system is “wrong”, i cant use this, then i have to use the mouse to reach the menu.

@anjade, please respond to the questions I asked.

Also, when things go wrong, can you share your logs? Help > Troubleshooting > View log file.

  • Carey

As said i use nothing else than that what Komodo normally does.

But i have check this section and now … funny:

Find: Incremental Search is using STRG + I and my STRG + F

This is the normal way in default?
Because sometimes, i have STRG + F for find like it should be.

Now i have seen, i can use the way of sublime text; thank you a lot for that. :slight_smile: