Problem with ide 12.0.1 code hint

Komodo edit was a great editor and thanks a lot for it but ide has problem.
I used komodo edit and not problem with it.
I saw komodo edit was discontinued and IDE become free.
I installed komodo IDE.
But autocomplete and code hint has problem.
In komodo-edit after type a tag and type space it show all possible attributes but in new IDE it not show.
please help and say how i can enable this ability.


Morning @arsse,

You need to start typing an attribute name I believe. It appears to be working for me. Let me know if that doesn’t help.

  • Carey

Why anybody help me?

Hello. Thanks for answering.
I have komodo edit and komodo IDE both in my windows.
But komodo edit is more useful than IDE!!! because in EDIT when i type for example < div and only then i only type space it show me all possible attributes but IDE has not this ability!

Hi @arsse

It was implemented that way in IDE as it’s typically not desired for code intel to trigger when you may not even want it to (you don’t always add attributes to an element) and for it to display ALL possibilities without a hint of what you’re looking for (ie. typing a character). So I would disagree that the Edit behaviour is better. I would find it quite annoying, personally.

It’s unfortunately not configurable so if you really desire that behaviour I you’ll need to use Komodo Edit.

  • Carey

Therefore i think you downgrade ability of your editor and now it not the best.
I had chosen K-EDIT because code hint of that very better than AdobeDW , notepad++ and others.

Also after associating files with K-EDIT and K-IDE it not make icon with extension.
for example in adobeDW after associating files we see a icon that has written php on icon. for css we see a icon that has written css on icon and …

If this is a new issue please start a new thread.