Print to fit on page

I’m trying to print Powershell scripts and have a long line of code at the bottom of the script.
When I print and choose Shrink To Fit, it prints all the text on the page, and wraps around line 60 wraps to a second line as needed, followed by line 61.

That’s fine, but the issue is that because so much of the code above shorter text, the top of the page is autosized to a small font, so the rest of the printed text is hard to read.

I’ve set it to 100% and the code is larger (easier to read on printed page), but it cuts off the end of the text that exceeds the page width. Yet it still wraps line 60 to a second line.

I’ve tried setting a custom size and unless I get it just right, it too cuts off any line (other than line 60) that doesn’t fit, but am wondering if there is a setting I’m not finding where it will autowrap so all text will be visible on the page. Like in this case, line 60 would wrap three or four lines, and line 5 which has two words cut off, could wrap around so those two words are visible on the next line, followed by line 6.

Komodo Edit, version 8.5.3, build 14067

Go to Preferences - Printing and set Wrap long lines at to 0.

Same results. It was originally set to 132.

Set to 0 and Print Preview Zoom 100% shows the following:

Go to Preferences - Editor - Smart Editing, set Wrap long lines byto Word or Character and configure Wrap indentation as you like.
Try to change Preview Zoom to 30-60%.

Or you can change Wrap long lines at again to your value (e.g. 90) and it’s break all lines with length > 90 to new lines.
Also you can configure Page Setup and create your own page size (and remove left and right spaces).
@toddw, can you look at it?

Thanks for those suggestions.

Getting closer. Neither Smart Editing settings (Word, Both, One Extra Level) or Printing Settings (tried 90 and 0 both) made any difference.

Page Setup: Scale 100%, Check Shrink to fit Page Width gave the results I wanted, however, the wrap at Word doesn’t seem to be taking, as shown below. It should put $Name and -Displayname as an intact word. (At least I’d like it printed that way).

Sorry, it’s all what I know about Printing in Komodo. I think @toddw or @nathanr can help you.
But you can read this docs: