Print Preview window is blank

I have upgraded to Komodo 9, but when I do a Print Preview or Print Preview Selection, all I see is a blank popup window, nothing is displayed.

Can you help, I have sent a support request - but have not received any reply to date

Bruce Leister

Should work in the nightly

This should be fixed in 9.0.1, released yesterday.

Thanks, I have upgraded to 9.0.1 and I can see print preview now, BUT

both preview and print now wrap lines at column 103 well short of the page width,
wrap point does not change whether its portrait or landscape, neither does the print options scale or shrink to fit page width change the wrap point.

I can not tell if problem was in 9, but I am pretty sure I would have noticed if this was in v8

Bruce Leister

Could you please file a bug if you are able to reproduce it?

This issue is back in 9.1.0 – not only does print preview on windows not work, but when I print the printer only prints any headers and footers and the rest of the page is blank.

Could you please report this on the bug tracker?

You mean here: ?

Yep, thanks.