Prevent quotation marks autocomplete

Is annoying and breaks my code every time. Worst idea ever enever. How i can disable that annoying feature?


Preferences - Editor - Smart Editing: Enable soft characters. Restart Komodo.

You don’t need to restart Komodo.

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I can disable them w/out restarting, but enabling them requires a restart. (I’ve reopened buffers just in case)

This isn’t true either. You don’t need to restart Komodo or reopen the buffer to enable or disable that pref. I just confirmed that.

  • Carey
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Huh, okay. Probably something is broken in my profile. Thanks for confirming that though!

Komodo edit don’t have that feature in preferences window.

It has.

This is Komodo Edit 10.2.3.

Thanks! i’m less angry now :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!