Preference to have the "Find" window be a floating window?

In previous Komodos (back to version 8.5), the “Find” window is a floating window. I know, since then it is not anymore, I missed the opportunity to ask for this to be an option (asked, but late) and since then I stayed with 8.5 only for that reason. Recent Komodo version have several advantages but the amount of screen that the Find window takes is for me more relevant. But now in Mojave Mac OS, version 8.5 does not work properly - it crashes systematically, which is undertandable being an old build of Komodo.

So I installed Komodo version 11.1.0, build 18196 yesterday after updating to Mojave, and, the first time, the Find window was floating (wow! maybe because it updated things from 8.5.4 to 11.1.0?) But I closed Komodo, reopened it, and it was not floating anymore.

My question is then whether there is an option to have the Find window be a floating window? If not, is there a chance that this option gets implemented? Many thanks in advance, in any case.

Looks like someone built an Addon for the find window. You can install it using Commando. It’s just called Find Window.

  • Carey

Thanks for the info, Just installed it, it told me it was not compatible with this version of Komodo, but it seems to work nevertheless.

Should be ok. If you have issues you can contact the maintainer by filing a bug on their repo: @babobski is great at responding when issues arise. Sounds like all is well though.