Pre-sale questions about IDE

I’m developing software in Node.JS and PHP. I’m looking for better IDE to work with.

Can Komodo IDE do the following?

  • Be configured to use different indentation for .js and .php files (4 spaces for php, 2 for js)
  • Automatically create phpdoc comments for php files
  • Automatically create jsdoc comments for js files


By pressing a button for automatic php/jsdoc generation - nope. You should comment it by yourself but there’s a macro that helps you in creating your *doc things:

Thank you for replies.

I’ve started trial. Cannot find options to customize indentation for different file types or customize anything per file type.

Also after starting IDE for first time it immediately associated itself with all possible extensions in Finder. Why did it do that without my permission? I’m only testing it, I don’t want it to mess up my existing dev environment. This is very annoying.

For per-language indentation settings check Prefs > Editor > Indentation.

As for file associations, Komodo does not set any associations, this is OSX interpreting your actions and thinking you want to use Komodo for the type of file you opened it with. OSX easily lets you change this back and should fall back on a different editor if and when you choose to remove Komodo.

Again this is OSX doing its job, not Komodo.