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Over 9000 years ago i use Sublime Text 2 and i remember - he can show me a pop-up with all files in directory (e.g. if i type a “/” - i get a pop-up with list of files in “{CURRENT_FILE_FOLDER}”). Any ideas to copy this function into Komodo Edit?

You want Fast Open (Go To File), also see the Fast Open screencast.

No. I want to see auto-complete when i typing a path’s (e.g. if i type a “/folder/” i want to get a list of files in “/folder/” path). I don’t know, how i can describe this function)

Ah I see what you mean. This is not currently a feature in Komodo. You could likely implement it through a macro using the same suggestion @toddw gave here.

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Thanks. I’m trying to write a macro and if i do this - i’m upload my macro in Resources :smile:
AND i have a question - any function do return array of all files in folder?
Current folder: var currentFolder = ko.views.manager.currentView.koDoc.file.dirName

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