Plenv & Perlbrew support for Perl interpreter / PERL5LIB

I use plenv and perlbrew heavily, and I would really like Komodo to be aware of my plenv configuration.

I feel like I am constantly adjusting the Language >> Perl setting. I have been experimenting with creating a new project for each Perl application, but I feel this is still inferior to Komodo being able to grok my plenv or perlbrew environment.

perlbrew site
plenv site

Since this would be an enhancement request and a new feature, this wouldn’t be implemented until probably Komodo 10. I do recommend you file an enhancement request though. Perhaps we can can assist you in finding an efficient way to setup Komodo quickly.

Before I go over the docs for those tools, can you tell me if they work by creating a new executable like Pythons virtualenv does? From the bit I read from the plenv repo that doesn’t seem to be the case. It sounds like it plays with environmental variables.

  • Carey

Plenv is written in bash, and helps manage the local perl path via environment variables. Perlbrew is similar, but is written in Perl. They don’t create new executables.