Play Last Macro Key Binding


Long time Komodo user (2007 full IDE) - I use the macro record / play very often. I would really like to get a key binding to “play last macro”. So many of the macros I use are “one off” where I record, use a bunch, then move on.

In this use case the creation of a proper macro via the toolkit dialog is just a waste of time.

If I could record -> stop -> use a macro via key binding I would be so happy.

I do NOT see this in the key biding via search - the most close is “Execute Last Macro” (eh? - not what I want - I tried).


It sounds to me Execute Last Macro is exactly what you would want, how does it not address your use-case?

does this exist? Did I delete this macro? Is there an assigned shortcut? Forum notifications are getting lost in email, not cool gmail…

Thx, best IDE EV-uhhh

You can find the keybinding under Prefs > Key Bindings.

That was the stink. got it thx.