Places not auto-updating content?

[I am new to this product and have been evaluating it less than a week. I am very familiar with most other products from Atom to Visual Studio and even Notepad++]

The pane on the left identifies as “Places”. I have opened a folder, and started editing files.
I create a NEW file and start editing it (it is .php and is an html5 with php file) - then I Save-As.
The “Places” pane doesn’t update itself and the new file isn’t visible.
Eventually I can perform some contortions to get it to appear, closing things, opening things, switching folders.
But it’s unacceptable to say the least.

Latest build of Komodo Edit on Windows 7 64bit.

Are you saying that a file that you created in Komodo disappears from Places?

  • Carey

Yes. I opened a folder with several files and started some minor edits. Then I created a NEW file - still in Komodo - and Save-As “somefile.php”. It didn’t appear in Places, for a fair while, as I was closing files and tabs and trying to figure out what I missed. It has happened a few other times so now I just keep new files open and visible so I don’t care what places shows.

What type of filesystem are you pointing Komodo at?

@DavidInvenio, also, can you double check that the files are being saved to the directory you think? I know it seems like a silly question but we can’t rule out possibilities until we know they aren’t possible.

  • Carey

I have this issue sometimes, what I do is pressing this magic button to solve it:

Right click on the project name and then select “Refresh Status” and Komodo will start updating files from places again.