Pin to prevent accidental closing

I always have apache conf, apache vhosts, php ini and windows host file open at the begining of tabs at the top.

Sometimes I accidentaly close one of those files

It would be nice to have the hability to “pin” the tab so it can’t be closed unless I right click and explicitly do so.

Can you clarify what problem you’re trying to solve? Can’t you just hit Ctrl+ Shift+T (open last file) to reopen the file if you accidentally closed it?

I can’t say I would find this a very helpful feature though I’m interested to know if others did.

Could you also clarify; would only the x close button of the file tab be disabled? Or would ALL means of closing a file be disable except Right click > close?

  • Carey

Of course I could re-open the tab, may be not through that combination (I wasn’t aware of that) but with recently close tabs.

Some times I have to many tabs and I start doing CTRL + W; I do that so many times and fast that I get to the point where I close some of my “always open” tabs

O may be I accidentally click on the “x”…

So instead to have the chance to close it and then bring it back some how, for me at least I would be much smooth to not close that tab. I think that if want it to close it I coud do right click > close

And I also think that instead of an “x” it should display a “pin”


Thanks for clarifying. My original opinion still stands (not helpful for me) but my workflow might be different than yours.

How about the community? Any other users think this would help their workflow?

Another question @Matias. Are you aware of another IDE or text editor that has this feature? I have not heard of it before.

  • Carey

That sounds like an userscript for me. I’d find that useful but I stick (around ©) to Commando so no random miss clicks :slight_smile: