Pin a file to the IDE so it doesn't close with "Close All"

“Save All” and “Close All” are two very handy features for my way of doing things. I open a reference file, “project.txt” and use it as a notepad when I’m changing 10 or more other files at a time. Then I save all and close all. But then I have to reopen the project file each time.

A nice feature for me would be the ability to “pin” a file so that close all doesn’t actually close all, but closes all unpinned files. The feature would have no effect on people who don’t use it - close all would still close all. Selectively closing a pinned file would unpin it, so next time it is opened you would need to pin it again.

Is there such a feature? Keep in mind I’ve used this IDE for three years and only recently discovered “Save All” and “Close All”, so I am an idiot at heart.


Ohh, that’s a good idea! Unfortunately there’s no such feature atm but you can file an enhancement here:

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