PHPDoc tooltip pattern for functions

Atm a simple tooltip generated by Komodo by basing on the PHPDoc comment for a function is:

%func_name%(%arg_type% %arg, [%args])
%some arguments%

And `%some_arguments% looks ugly:

@param %arg_type% %arg_name% %arg_description%

E.g. @param string $path Path to load. I want to change it to <string> $path - Path to load or something like that.

  1. What I must change in the source? (I remember that @toddw gave me a link to the part of a function which generates tooltips for functions but I can’t find the link anymore :frowning: )
  2. How can I compile the source with docker to get ability to edit/create files? Just like a normal Komodo build but with my black magic own code edits.