PHP Saves Revert to HTML Format. Please Make It Stop

Really liking the PHP format/layout when coding.

The PHP commenting (for instance) really stands out and I can easily tell comments from the rest of the text.

I like the PHP editing format color scheme.

When I begin work I select a PHP template to work with and all is well even when I add HTML.
I have all the PHP goodness Komodo 7 brings to the editing environment including the functions reminders as I work.

Then I save the work with the PHP extension and I am forced into the HTML editing environment. All that PHP editing environment with all it’s cool bells and whistles disappears and I am stuck in the HTML editing environment.

I know there’s a way to coax Komodo 7 to preserve the PHP environment, however, I cannot recall how.



Hey @mrbobw,

That is very bizarre. I’m not able to reproduce this so the first step is usually for you to try restarting in Safe Mode to see if the issue continues. You can do that with Help menu > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe Mode