PHP - Parse Error on Short-array Format

I am receiving a parse error in Komodo Edit 8 when I attempt to create a shortform array. ie. $arr = [1,2,3]; rather than $arr = array(1,2,3); I understand that the shortform syntax was added in a recent version of PHP (5.4, I think), but I have upgraded to 5.5.8. I assume I’m getting this error because the version of php Komodo uses to check errors is behind – is there any way to update this? The code works fine when I run it in my browser, but I’d rather not have it give me errors in the editor every time I try to create an array in this way.

Can you verify whether the PHP binary you’ve configured in Preferences > Languages > PHP > "Use this Interpreter" is in fact a php 5.5 binary? (You can test this by manually invoking the binary with --version, eg /usr/bin/php --version).

You’re right; just tested it and it seems the php version being used as the interpreter is 5.3. I know the file that my updated php is in – /usr/local/php5/ – but it has a ton of files in it. What kind of file should I be looking for to use as the interpreter? (Sorry, I’m very new to php, and never ran into much behind the scenes stuff like this coming from java and obj-c)

When you execute php --version from your terminal, does it return version 5.5? If so then you can easily retrieve the path of the binary with which php.

Based on the path you included I would assume your php path would be something like /usr/local/php5/bin/php.

Awesome, worked like a charm. Thanks!