Php extension in Komodo Edit

Hi everybody, I just joined this forum as I just finished studying a web development course online.
I know, it may be a little premature, but I have decided to become a Joomla! developer… lol
I think hitting my nose into the coding problems is the best way to learn and so I started to read Joomla! documentation and I found an interesting article that explains how to configure Komodo Edit for Joomla Code Completion.
I managed to do everything correctly (at least, it seems so), but I have a doubt related to the end of the articles that says:

Now you’re ready to start coding. Type “JFactory::” into your new php extension and Komodo will list all the methods available to JFactory.

I have no idea where I can find my new php extension. Do anyone know how to get out of this embarrassing situation? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

I think in php extension Joomla! docs means your custom extension for Joomla! engine (just a base PHP file where you must type JFactory:: to show auto-complete).

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Just open a PHP file in Komodo and type “JFactory::”. After the “::” it should open a list of functions and variables available under that class.

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Hi, thanks to both for your replies, I thought that I just needed to type it in order to see the list of functions, but nothing happened :frowning: