PHP and Webb preview in Komodo


I have some question about the new feature in Komodo IDE:

1.) Am I able to preview my site next time I start?

2.) When the homepage i preview the url for the index is correct but PHP redering is working so everetime a need to reset the url into my webbserver (Xampm). Is that some way to got php to work in Komodo?

3.) Am I able to split the view in this way:
1 |
----- | 3
2 |

1 and 2 is split in vertical view but 3 is vertical next to 1 and 2!

Best Fredrik

Hi, I can only answer your third question, and the answer is that you cannot have two splits active at once. It’s either a horizontal split or a vertical split.

You mean open the browser preview? I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to do that.

I’m not sure I follow, can you elaborate?

I meant if I needing open the preview averytime the program starts?

When you are opening the preview, look at the picture:!Ah3ROr-SBUwzhcY7Mov0bisf33LtPQ

The problem is that the index PHP is not showing up in the correctway. What is the solution to get php working?

Best Fredrik

  1. Yes you’d have to open the preview each time if that’s what you want to work on. Previews aren’t currently considered part of the saved workspace I think, @careyh?

  2. You are opening it using the file:// handle. You need to instead open it using your configured http:// url. You can set up this mapping in Komodo so that it opens it this way automatically via File Mappings, see

Correct @nathanr, Browser Previews are explicitly not saved in the UI state.

Ok, will look att it later :slight_smile:

Does the Komodo IDE has its own PHP engine or am I need using the Xapm?

Komodo integrates with your development environment, it does not provide one.


I have mapped my URLs but when preview the files in this mapped path the URL does not oppened. I like the URL to be oppened when prewiev the file with the path C:\xampp\htdocs\privat_budget. The URLL is: localhost/privat_budget/ :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “not opened”. The preview doesnt open at all, or it has the wrong url?

The url is wrong the preview is showing just the path not the url, I probably have done somthing wrong but please see; url wrong?