PerlTidy changes viewport of editor

When using pertidy to format a section of perl code (it also happens when doing a full document format) inside of Komodo IDE 8.5.3 it causes the viewable section of the editor to shift up instead of keeping the current area in view. I am using pertidy v20120701 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 and using no options with pertidy.
On my previous version of the Komodo IDE I did not have this problem - the editor kept the location in the file constant and I can’t find either an option for perltidy (I didn’t believe there would be one since it is entered into Komodo as a “Generic command-line formatter” and why should they control the environment that the changes are entered into.) or something to tell Komodo not to adjust the viewport when the formatter is done.

Any help out there or am I the only one seeing this?

Do you have the editor minimap enabled - if so, try repeating this process with the minimap disabled?

It would appear that turning off minimap did the trick. Thanks, Todd.