PerlDoc on Selection tool write error

When I highlight a module name in one of my use statelements and double-click “Perldoc on selection (for modules)” in the toolbox I get

C:\Perl64\bin/pod2html.bat: error open ./pod2htmd.tmp for writing: Permission denied
Can’t print to stdout: Broken pipe
at C:\Perl64\bin/perldoc.bat line 23.
Error removing C:\Users\boss\AppData\Local\Temp\Mwvv6YR5RJ at C:/Perl64/lib/File/ line 890, line 281.
Can’t close STDOUT: Invalid argument at (eval 2) line 1, line 281.
END failed–call queue aborted at C:\Perl64\bin/perldoc.bat line 100, line 281.

How to fix?

@DryHeat122, there is a permissions error. I’d investigate that. Looks like a permissions issue in your AppData folder. Confirm you can run a script to write to it then we can proceed further.

I can indeed write to C:\Users[me]\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE


That’s great but that’s not the folder that’s failing. Looks like it’s your Temp folder causing issues.