Perl6 support?

How do I enable support in Komodo for Perl 6?

I think you can via Preferences - Languages - Perl. Set the interpreter to perl6.

Won’t that still load code intelligence for perl5?

Try it yourself :wink: It shouldn’t load CI for Perl5.

Hey @ravenhall,

Perl 6 isn’t released and won’t be until December this year. That’s the plan any way. It’s not supported in Komodo either.

You can try pointing Komodo at your Perl 6 interpreter under the preferences that Defman mentioned but I was just speaking with our internal ActivePerl maintainer and he says we can expect to have zero cross over in functionality with the tools in Komodo that worked with Perl 5.

Apologies for the bad news,

  • Carey

Hi careyh,

But there will be Perl6 support once it is released?


Yes but that’s dependent on release cycles obviously. Once Perl 6 is released we will try to get support into the following release.

  • Carey

Perl 6 has been released! What kind of timeline could we expect to see Perl 6 support in Komodo IDE?

We cannot offer an estimate on this right now because it is not on our roadmap, nor is it a priority at the moment. Sorry :frowning:

I’ve been waiting to upgrade to Komodo for some time, just waiting for Perl 6 support. Being that you can debug perl6 with the regular perl5 tools, and perl5 debugging is working now, maybe it is easier now?


Thanks for the follow up. Perhaps things are easier now, but it still requires a not-so-insignificant time investment that is not a priority for us now. Sorry :frowning: