Perl test plans: change make test to ./Build test

Hello, I’m a Perl developer, and Komodo is my IDE of choice. I was wondering if, in Perl test plans, it were possible to change the command from ‘make test’ to ‘./Build test’ (as I’m a fan of Module::Build).

I suppose I could solve the problem by generating the Makefile.PL from the Build.PL, but I’d like to know the answer to this anyway.

Komodo does not support the Module::Build as a test handler.

You would need to write a test harness (a test driver) module that did what you wanted:

Note that Komodo has a TAP ( test harness already called - so you could retro-fit that existing module.

Alternatively, you could use a run command (in the Komodo toolbox) and parse the output (with a regular expression), which would show an itemized list in the Komodo Command Output pane: