Perl debugger not breaking at multi line statement

Komodo 11 OSX, perl debugger not stopping at multi line statements. Run to cursor or break point.
For example:

my @clients
= map { $->{values}[0]{formattedValue} }
grep { $
->{values}[0]{effectiveFormat}{backgroundColor}{blue} < 1 }

UI should recognize non breakable lines and issue some kind warning. UI allows breakpoint to be set at “my @clients” Only breakable line is “= map { $_->{values}[0]{formattedValue} }”

Hi, do you mind reporting a bug on our bug tracker? A minimal test case will be required in order for a developer to reproduce, isolate, and determine where the issue lies. Thanks.

Sure, sorry…

It’s okay! Thanks in advance for the report :slight_smile: