Perl 6 support

I would love to see Perl 6 support in Komodo now that Perl 6 has been officially released. With ActiveState’s background in the Perl world it is rather surprising that it hasn’t been added yet. When could we expect to see it in Komodo?

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Hi @ravenhall,

ActiveState is currently watching Perl 6 intently after it’s release to see how it’s accepted by the community. Currently there is very little interest, or at least not enough interest for the company to invest in producing new builds for Perl 6.

Komodo is looking into adding limited Perl 6 support for version 11.

We’re very interested in our community members who have taken on Perl 6 though. Could you share what you’re using Perl 6 for?

  • Carey

Hi @careyh!

Any info on Perl 6 support as a future possibility for Komodo?

As a professional Perl programmer, I have introduced quite a few colleagues along the way to Komodo. Several of them have asked if it supports Perl 6, and I’ve had to answer with “not yet”.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Editor shipped with Perl 6 syntax support - shouldn’t Komodo IDE have it too?

Sorry @ravenhall, I started to reply then had a meeting and got distracted along the way by shiny things. See my edited reply above.

  • Carey

No problem.

I am currently contracting at a Fortune 100 company where there is a lot of Perl 5 in their core business software. There is strong interest in Perl 6 here, particularly in its capabilities with concurrency and parallelism. If they decided to move to Perl 6 in the future I would hate to have to use another IDE.

We’ll be interested to know if the company you’re contracting with moves forward with Perl 6. Even though it’s been released and has some wicked new features we’re not seeing companies embrace it yet.

You can expect the basics (like those implemented in VSC) in Komodo but Perl 6 wasn’t on the feature list for Komodo 10 which is being release very soon. We’ll be looking at it for upcoming releases, as I mentioned.

  • Carey

Great, thanks!

I’m definitely getting asked about the language in my contracting work - and I’ve given a few presentations on it as well.

I think that (as with any new language) adoption will come slowly in the enterprise, but I’m already using it myself.

Hi, @careyh.
I like know if added support Perl 6 in version 11?

Unfortunately not. There has been very little interest from our users in using Perl 6 and given it’s not compatible with Perl 5 it’s not an easy process to add support. ie. update the Perl 5 support to also support Perl 6.

What about adding Perl 6 as a separate language? It is a sister language to Perl 5, not a replacement.

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No, as Carey mentioned, there hasn’t been enough interest to justify adding explicit support for Perl 6.