Per Language Indentation Settings

Hello. When are these per-language settings applied? I notice that when I create a new document of specific language type (or create it from template), the file preferences are inherited from global indentation settings instead of differing per-language settings for this language.
I want to know, how to set specific language-specific settings, that will be applied if creating a new file of e.g. Python type from scratch. Thank you.

Hey @Ethereal,

I’m not seeing an issue with language indentation prefs.


  1. Set global prefs for Ruby language to 1 space per indent/Tab character
  2. Apply prefs
  3. Open a new Ruby file using Ctrl + Shift + N and select the Ruby template.
  4. Hit tab

I get one space for each tab key hit as expected. Can you clarify your reprosteps?

  • Carey