Paste multi-cursor buffer

If I make a multi-cursor selection (across multiple lines), then copy, and paste, the contents of the clipboard are concatenated into a single line.

Is this expected behavior?

I would expect the output to be on multiple lines (if I paste on a single cursor), or, if I paste onto the same number of cursors, have each “sub-selection” be pasted on the corresponding cursor. Otherwise, I don’t see how multi-cursor copying and pasting can be of any use.


At this time. the behavior you are experiencing is expected. Our editing component does not make “discontiguous” copy text. (After all, how would you copy-paste multi-selection into another application?)

Hi Mitchell,

I’m sure you would agree that the common use-case is copying and pasting within Komodo, while copying to another application is secondary.

Regardless, the behavior I describe as expected is rather standard as you can see in Atom, Brackets and Sublime-text.

I’m just sharing my preference and trying to gauge if you guy are planning on improving things like this.


You may file an enhancement request on our bug tracker ( and we will target it as appropriate. Thanks.

I will do that.
Thanks for the responsiveness.