Panicked: found and replaced what where?

Hi, I had an html page open and clicked find replace and easily replaced a string of letters throughout the file. Then I went again to remove dashes in the file but apparently clicked find/replace in files and didn’t notice the difference. This is in komodo edit, btw. The dialog box was all in its defaults except for what to find and replace with what. Before I realized this it looked like it had replaced over 9k instances in “files” but i had not set where, and the results window was almost all yellow skipped instances but I couldn’t verify how many is replaced because when I clicked cancel that results report vanished also. What happened? Where was is searching? What have I done?

I tried it again without the replace box checked and it was going through my dropbox folder. Idk what it did to the files in there, but can redownload them. I also reinstalled dropbox (mac) and will see what happens.

Komodo does allow you to undo a replace in files operation (there is an undo button in the replace results pane toolbar) - but the undo operation is only enabled once the replace operation is finished.

Generally I encourage people to use the “Confirm” option in the replace dialog - as then you can be sure of what your replacing.

As Komodo is a file editor you do have to be careful with the files that you edit. It’s safest to always work from within a Project context so as not to accidentally scope files outside of your intended workspace. For more info on Projects check out this screencast: