OSX - IDE 11 won't start, can't quit

Just installed Komodo IDE 11 on OSX. When I open it, it just shows one Menu bar item “Komodo” and under it is “Hide” and “Quit Komodo”. When I select Quit, it doesn’t even quit.

There was no installation of a trial license as far as I can tell. And pystderr.log doesn’t show anything interesting.

Where did you download Komodo from? You should double check the checksums provided with the downloads against the installer.


  • Carey

Are you serious? I got it from https://www.activestate.com/komodo-ide/downloads/ide , where else would I get it from?

Enough of this nonsense. I’ll just stay with PhpStorm.

Yes, I was serious. I don’t have enough information to go on here so I’m starting from the basics. If you’re interested, I’d try downloading the installer again, or just running the installer again. We can digger more after that.

If your not interested, have a great day.