Order of items in custom toolbars and menus

It appears the default order for items in custom toolbars and menus is alphabetic. Is there a way to explicitly set the order of items?

This is not possible through the existing UI. This IS something you could do using a Macros. You can manipulate DOM elements in the Komodo UI just like you can with HTML in a webpage. You could grab the Toolbar using getElementByID then move it’s internal elements around.

You can use the DOM Inspector Addon to find out the Toolbars ID and you can use Komodo Developer Extension which has a Javascript shell to experiment.

Let us know if you need some help with that.

  • Carey

Can you point me to some reference material regarding custom toolbars? (I am using Komodo Edit, latest version, Win7 64)

I have not found a way to create a custom toolbar, which is disappointing. Hope I’m just missing something.

@DavidInvenio, Here you go:

  • Carey