Order got charged twice, I tried calling ActiveState on all phone line. No one home?

Where did the support go? Yesterday, my call was excellent and fast but today. No one was home at ActiveState.

Is there a holiday or something?

Sometimes the line is busy, or one of our guys has just ran off to grab a coffee. Just try again in a few minutes or leave a message.

Thanks for the reply, I got hold of live chat at least. Maybe every time I called, it was coffee time for many times. :smile:

No biggie at least I got my order resolved so far, but I’ve seen that situation at my old small workplace. Usually someone temporary takes over the call. Anyways it isn’t my position to say anything about the work structure in ActiveState.

We dont outsource our sales/support, you may have to call again in some rare cases. But it means you get to talk to real people that understand the products and what they entail :slight_smile: