Order files in the "Open Tabs" list

Below a screenshot from the open files list. Is there a way to sort it by the filename. Without sorted order it’s really a pain to find a file there. If there is no way to order the list it may be a nice feature.

I am running:
Komodo Edit, version 12.0.1, build 18441, platform linux-x86_64.
Built on Tue Feb 11 02:14:12 2020.


You can choose the way the items are grouped and how the items are sorted.
You can configure this in the cog menu in the open files widget:


Thank you for the fast help, but unfortunately I don’t see the option as you describe. Below the screenshot of the area as I see it. What am I missing?

The settings wheels which are available control the layout of the sub-windows but not of the file tabs.

You could select the entire list of files (ctrl + A) and then right-click to see whether or not there is an option to sort the list in the resulting context menu.

Unfortunately there is no way to select the entire list with CTR+A. I think I am working with a version which doesn’t support it.

What if you place the cursor at the beginning of the list, hold down the shift key and click/tap the end of the list while still holding down the shift key? I have just tried this in my IDE and managed to select my entire list without using ctrl + A

The sittings I showed you are for the open files widget in you’re sidebar.
It’s not possible to sort you’re open files in you’re editor.

Thank you guys for your time. Anyway, I am not satisfied with the Komodo IDE so I uninstalled it and I am now using another. All the best!