Opinions needed


I’m about to rip tab switching out of qwin (https://github.com/agroszer/komodo-qwin)

The open file list and tab switching should be done by the built-in openfiles panel, because it just does that better. I added there tab numbering and hotkey tab switching. See https://github.com/agroszer/komodo-openfiles2. A TODO is to add configuration to enable/disable tab numbering.
The goal would be to merge the changes upstream.

qwin without tab switching is at https://github.com/agroszer/komodo-ko_inte

The two addons combined look like this:

BTW, I’m using tab switching by assigning hotkeys to tabs, so I hit ctrl+2, and tab number 2 gets activated. After 9 it’s a, b, c and so on, the hotkey is ctrl+q, a.

We added clipboard history in K11 btw, though it doesn’t include completion history.

I’m not sure you’re aware of quick bookmarks. Your keybindings will override the Quick Bookmark key bindings of Ctrl +[0-1]. Not the end of the world, just pointing it out.

I’m not 100% what you’re asking for feedback on though. Are you asking if you should rip out the tab switching?

Fyi your qwin link doesn’t work, I assume you meant to use https://github.com/agroszer/komodo-qwin

I quite like the idea, long as the keybindings are configurable I think Carey’s concern can be negated. Definitely +1 from me on your intentions :slight_smile:

Sure, keybindings can be configured via preferences (a bit awkward to set 30+, but ohwell…)

Major question would be whether you would accept the changes of openfiles in the repo https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit

As long as they are configurable I likely would accept them. It’s mainly just the numbering right? Or is there more?

Note all Open Files prefs are currently handled via its cog menu. Also I would want the order to be configurable for being based on tab order or Open Files order as not everyone uses tabs.

  1. qwin’s clipboard history is system global, so it grabs anything you copy-paste
  2. with qwin I can (all the time) see my options to paste
  3. I have also hotkeys assigned to those lists items (e.g. ctrl-b, 2 inserts item 2 [configurable of course])
  4. intellisense adds items to that list too, so it’s sort of a recently-used-snippets list

that all makes reusing text pretty cool

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yeah I want to use the cog menu too for config…
will take a bit

I’d number only by something stable so you can depend on it till you close files…

Maybe that can be another level of configuration. I can see merit in both use cases.

What does this entail exactly?

Text completion, that works over all open tabs, regardless of language and context

Give it a try… open some files, start typing, it will offer completions from all files.
Assign hotkeys to items to insert one of the options (I have Alt-1, Alt-2, etc)

File types don’t matter, this way completion works across python, python doctest, rst, txt

It’s not codeintel, but try “variable.m”, it shall offer “variable.method”, space also works as a separator there, type: "Give " it will offer “Give it”.

The options order is determined by “distance” from the current text position and recently used tab order.

I did, not seeing any completions. How does it work?

I have it set up like this:

works like this:

BTW, Is there any chance to optionally show the icon of the file?

Ah I see, I was looking for a completion panel. Fwiw we intend to make CodeIntel extendable for 11.1, so you should be able to show completions as actual completions.

Very curious to see how you’re querying other files for completions. What are you using for this?

You can set an icon like this:

tab[widget="ko_intelViewbox"] .tab-icon { 
  background-image: url("koicon://ko-svg/chrome/icomoon/skin/files.svg");
  width: 14px;
  visibility: visible;

Other files: those are just the currently open “other” files… it iterates on ko.windowManager.getWindows() and window.ko.views.manager.topView.viewhistory._recentViews, grabs the text, does a regexp. No big science.
The idea is that you’ll have your work stuff open.

Sorry, was prolly unclear, I want to get rid of the filelist-item icon:


You’d have to use CSS to hide it. I wouldn’t accept that in a PR though.

sigh, then Color scheme editor might be my friend