Open files on server on new server

We got a new server, now i cant access files on this server anymore.
All other programs are doing fine, but komodo answers:

_ssl.c:504: error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version

There are still other issues from my opinion:

The listener is always on. Why? I need it only sometimes on the local testserver, but most of times not. If it is on, i cant use the test-server. First i have to deactivate the listener.

When i want to open a remore server, komodo tries to open one (mostly the test-server), if this one is off, i have to wait and wait and wait.

Also there is an error-message everytime i open komodo. I have to find it with it first with alt+tab, click it away, everytime i want to use komodo.

Edit external server lists. I am on server dora, when i click on edit, i have to select again dora in the list of others.

And is there really no update since 2020?

Morning @anjade,

I’m guessing you’re on Windows?

That’s reported here:

I’m not sure what you mean here. What listener?

This one I thought was fixed quite a while ago but maybe there are some edge cases we missed. We had a general “Remote Files Hanging” ticket that you can have a look at here You’ll see a bunch of linked tickets there. Hopefully one of them looks like your situation and might help.

I’m assuming you’re reporting

This isn’t a bug. You’re describing what you’re ideal UX would be (and it’s a great idea).

Correct, there have been no updates since the 12.0.1 release. Please contact to ask for more details on Komodo releases.

I’m really sorry I can’t be more help, really, truly.

  • Carey