Open files on mapped network location under Windows 10

Windows 10 can natively map FTP drives as network locations (unfortunately not as drives). The problem is that Komodo can not open files/folders on theese mapped localtion. The open file/folder dialog lets you selet them, but then nothing happens. Is this intentional or an important missing feature/bug?

Please file a bug for this, Komodo is supposed to work with this as far as I am aware.

Note Komodo can itself connect to FTP servers, you do not need mapped drives for this.

This isn’t new to Windows 10. I’ve done this since Windows 7 and it always worked in Komodo when I used it. Let me have a go at it to see if I can get it to work.

Sorry to doubt you @andrisi! As you said Komodo just doesn’t do anything when you select the mapped folder. I think that’s a bug.

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Thanks @careyh - will you file a bug and get it fixed?

@andrisi, sure I can file it. I can’t comment on when it will get fixed. I recommend you use the “Open Remote Folder” feature @nathanr mentioned.

Sorry @careyh , could you link the bug report so I can subscribe to it. Remote folders are ok, I used them a lot, but they don’t support version control unfortunately.

You could use Publishing to get around this limitation.

Though if you are using version control, why are you accessing a remote server at all? Just push locally and pull remotely.

It’s a bit more complicated. It’s not a real remote server, but a vm on my local machine, and it needs to update immediately. There was an issue with publishing too that made it unsuitable - perhaps the two way sync. All in all: opening folders on mapped drive should work. For now I found another way to mount an ftp folder under windows, and this created a drive, so works with Komodo.

If it’s a virtual machine I would just use the Shared Folder feature:

That’s Virtualbox, but I think most virtualisation software have a feature like it.

Point is though, the VM should ideally be the one doing the mounting.


Bug is here:

Could you elaborate on this? I use the Publishing tool quite often for side project involving remote servers. I’m not aware of any blocker issues.

Could you also elaborate on this? It could benefit other users then potentially have the same issue as you.

@nathanr yes, ideally… but in reality some apps like nodejs have issues with folders mounted from Windows hosts - thanks for trying to help tough.

I realize this is not exactly the help you’re looking for, but Linux’s mounting options are extremely extensive. I am confident you can set up a mount from your windows host that nodejs can play nice with.