Open .chm file at specific topic

I would like to open .chm file at selected word page when typing ALT+F1 ou ALT+F2.
I tried to configure the command should run on current/selection word with :
C:\Windows\hh.exe ms-its: [directory/ActiveTclHelp8.5.chm]::/tcl/TclCmd/%W.htm but no surprise, it doesn’t work…

An idea ?

Finally I found a trick :slight_smile:
I changed the location of a language interpreter that I don’t use (Node for example) to C:\Windows\hh.exe and I edited the command of help file for Tcl language to %(node) ms-its: [directory/ActiveTclHelp8.5.chm]::/tcl/TclCmd/%W.htm

Problem solved!


Could you clarify how it didn’t work? Did it do nothing? Was there an error? What happened?
Also, you mean a toolbox command, correct? Can you share a screenshot of the Cmd properties?

  • Carey

Oh woops, I didn’t see you had found a workaround. I’m not sure what your original input was but %(node) just translates to exactly the path your set. If that fixed it then there must have been something wrong with the path that you manually entered.

I’m working in TCL language. I was interested to have help file configured directly by typing ALT+F1 (for exemple) when the cursor is on a TCL command. I mean by configured to reach the right page and section of selected word into the help file.

I tried to configure Komodo preference concerning TCL language help with this command : C:\Windows\hh.exe ms-its: d:/TCL/ActiveTclHelp8.5.chm::/tcl/TclCmd/%W.htm but nothing happened.
Then I had an idea to configure the path of Node.js language interpreter (I don’t use this language) to C:\Windows\hh.exe (that’s the trick) and I configured TCL language help command with: %(node) ms-its: d:/TCL/ActiveTclHelp8.5.chm::/tcl/TclCmd/%W.htm

It may be stranged but that solved the problem.
Hope that’s clear…