Open .chm file at specific topic

I would like to open .chm file at selected word page when typing ALT+F1 ou ALT+F2.
I tried to configure the command should run on current/selection word with :
C:\Windows\hh.exe ms-its: [directory/ActiveTclHelp8.5.chm]::/tcl/TclCmd/%W.htm but no surprise, it doesn’t work…

An idea ?

Finally I found a trick :slight_smile:
I changed the location of a language interpreter that I don’t use (Node for example) to C:\Windows\hh.exe and I edited the command of help file for Tcl language to %(node) ms-its: [directory/ActiveTclHelp8.5.chm]::/tcl/TclCmd/%W.htm

Problem solved!


Could you clarify how it didn’t work? Did it do nothing? Was there an error? What happened?
Also, you mean a toolbox command, correct? Can you share a screenshot of the Cmd properties?

  • Carey

Oh woops, I didn’t see you had found a workaround. I’m not sure what your original input was but %(node) just translates to exactly the path your set. If that fixed it then there must have been something wrong with the path that you manually entered.