OO Perl and syntax checking

Hi all

I’m a Komodo newbie and I’m working on a small Perl project and I wonder if its possible to set up Komodo somehow so the syntax checking works correctly ? As it is now Syntax checking fails on any parent class saying that this class in not in @INC.

Is it somehow possible to make the Syntax checking start from the same base directory ? or do i need to export all my classes to the @INC variable ?

Thnak you in advance !

Best Regards
Jan Eskilsson

Are you using a Project? Without using a Project Komodo won’t know what context to work from.

Also make sure to check your Perl settings under Preferences > Languages > Perl and ensure they are correct.

If the issue still persists please share some sample code with us so we can try to reproduce the problem.

Hi Nathan

Yes im using a project. To be honest i dont know if the settings are correct or not but i added the base path to my project in the “Additional Perl Import Directories” and that seems to solve most of the problems I experienced. Now i can even dbl click on a compile error and it will take me to the correct file and line of code ! :slight_smile:

Is there any documentation explaining how to set up a project for OO perl ?

Best Regards
Jan Eskilsson

I do not believe there is, OO in itself is not any type of library structure that an IDE can “use”. I’m not sure why you needed to manually add your project base path to “Additional Perl Import Directories”, was this the same base path you were using for your project?

Is there anyway i can priovide you with a zip file containing a portion of my project that shows the problem ?

If you’d want us to look into it I’d like to ask you to try and reproduce the problem on the smallest possible scale and then share that code with us. Alternatively simply figure out what the reproduction steps are for your bugs and we can try and use that.