Often sluggish, and occasional very excessive memory, use in OS X

Komodo IDE 10.2.0 build 89833
macOS Sierra 10.12.3, MacBook Pro - Mid 2015, 16GB RAM

It’s certainly not “snappy”. It can use 80-90+% CPU even when I’m not actively using it, but sometimes it’s fine.

With about 5 projects open (and maybe 2 dozen files total) the Komodo process is using ~1.4-1.8GB (It seems to vary even when I’m not interacting with it).

But since 10.2, occasionally - perhaps once a day or two it will try to use 15-30GB of memory (according to activity monitor) and of course the whole computer becomes unusable, but then returns to normal in about 5-10mins or so.

Since you say it started happening in 10.2; do you use slack sharing and/or unit testing?

Neither. Honestly, I don’t use many of the features, except auto-completion/code intelligence.

And you’re certain that this started as of 10.2? No issues with 10.1?

Honestly I can’t be really certain. I skipped 10.0 and by the time I upgraded to 10 it was 10.1, but then I upgraded to 10.2 just a couple weeks later. This issue seems to be very recent though.