Nothing appears after the 9.2 update on Mac OS X

Hi, I just did the update from the 9.1 to the 9.2 of the Komodo Edit version this morning. Everything worked fine with the 9.1 version but now that i’ve updated to 9.2, nothing appears when i launch it. I tried to uninstall/reinstall with a new downloaded file but still nothing. I’m running Mac OS 10.10.4. Thanks.

Could you share your error log? pystderr.log in your profile folder >

Problem solved.

I just erased the 2 folders “Komodo Edit” and “KomodoEdit” (with the 9.1 folder in it from the previous version) located in ~/Library/Application Support/ to recreate new ones with a new installation.

It’s not a good way to solve these types of problems. Deleting everything related to Komodo in favor of a new installation is the latest thing you should do when other methods just doesn’t wok. But anyway glad you solved your problem.