Not understanding how to open the sample project

I installed the trial version of Komodo a few days ago and thought I would try it out by finding a tutorial in the help. I find a link to a sample project with terse instructions:

Opening the Sample Project and

On Komodo’s Start Page,
click Open Sample Project. The Sample Project
and its associated files will display on the Places sidebar.

At present I don’t see anything called “Open Sample Project.” I see Open File, Open Project, Open Workspace, etc., none of which take me to the sample.

Perhaps what I’m looking at now isn’t the Start Page. I vaguely recall some other splash screen that appeared briefly at startup, and which I may have closed. Perhaps that other splash screen is called the Start Page.

However, if the problem is that I need to display the Start Page again, then the obvious searches for instructions on how to display or restore it have been fruitless.

Somewhat perplexingly, help says,


Use the Appearance preferences to customize the default layout
of the Komodo workspace. The functions described below can also
be changed using keyboard shortcuts; see Key Bindings for
more information. To customize the Komodo workspace, select
Edit|Preferences|Appearance. Configure the
following options:

Start Page Customization

Show Komodo Start Page on startup: Select
to display the Start Page in the Editor pane when Komodo
launches.Hide Quick Links pane: Select to hide the
Quick Links section of the Komodo Start Page.

However, under Appearance preferences (after clicking Advanced) I see only blocks for Interface, Side Pane Layouts, Most Recently Used, and ActiveState Notification Messages. Could the help be referring to an older version?

the thing you dismissed is the start page.

You can open the sample project by going to (on a Mac anyway) ~/Library/Application\ Support/KomodoIDE/9.0/samples/ (it’s in there as sample_project.komodoproject).

The docs for 9 are not 100% up to date, AFAIK.

OK, got it, thanks. For Windows 8 the path is AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\9.0\samples .

But is there a good way to make that Start Page reappear? Am I missing anything else of value?

Thanks for pointing this out, as @neurobashing mentioned our docs are currently not 100% up to date due to us working on transitioning them to a new system. I’ve opened a bug to remove mentions of the start page -

What is the path on Windows 7? c:\…? I can’t find it searching my computer…
Or can I get a copy online?

The latest pre-release has the sample project -