Not recognized commands

I set up PHP, Node.js, NPM, Python, in Preferences > Languages, but when I want to use any command in Command Output, Console, Unit Testing, with php, npm, composer,… it shows:

‘php’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

What else I need to set up?

you use windows? maybe you don’t have declared the PHP in your path so windows can’t locate the excecutable.
check if you can open a cmd or powershell and use PHP if not then the path is almost sure the error.
almost same on linux.

Yep, I added it as PHP variable in windows environments. It should be added to PATH variable.
It is working now.


@morpheus747 got it, although I should clarify some things.

@fery14, what do you mean by “Console” when you say you tried PHP, Node, npm, etc? Do you mean View menu > Tabs & sidebars > Console? If yes, then none of those will work. That is a JS console. You can only run single JS commands. If not, can you clarify?

  • Carey