Not a recognized SSH server

I keep getting an error message saying:

Error: ‘{domain.tld}:22 is not a recognized SSH server. Please recheck your SFTP server and port configuration.’

It happens for all sites I try to SSH to. SSH trough Putty client works flawless. Happened while working which is very annoying. Happened last week, then a reinstall solved the problem. Don’t want to do that every week.

Am running Windows 8.1. How do I solve this?

How do you try to connect to your server? via url (e.g. || or IP? (e.g.

I’m connecting directly to the domain: domain.tld:22

Try to connect to IP. I get same error, when i trying to connect to FTP server via domain.

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Thx will give that a try!

Edit - seems like it solved the problem, thanks!!