[Not a help request, just a bug report] K12 imports themes from K11 in UI-breaking ways

NOTE: I am not looking for help, do NOT respond unless you’re an Activestate dev looking for more info from me to fix this bug, or to provide your own details in response to AS devs asking for specific information

I’m only posting this here because i was asked to.

Screenshots here: https://twitter.com/mithaldu/status/1228365184386949122

Summary: I just installed Komodo 12, and it imported styles from K11 in a way that left ui elements unreadable due to font and background colors being identical.

AS, if you wanna fix this and need info from me, let me know what you need.


Helpful info: Your OS, your logs from when you reproduced the issue, the colour scheme you were using.

Note: if you’ve restarted since hitting the issue the logs won’t be of any use. You’ll need to reproduce the issue. When I know what OS you’re on I’ll give instructions on how to re-import your profile.

  • Carey