Node.js status

Has Node js. developed yet or it Java growing more into development ?This link showed me some development on Node js.

Moved your post out of the Node.js issue thread as it was off-topic.

As for your question, I’m not sure what you mean - Java and Node are two veeery different languages.

I wanted to know which is developing more with regards to technology…

Node is not a language, it is a platform for the JavaScript language.

Right, pardon my miss use of the term.

@Renee_Pereira As Node.js is newer than Java, some may claim that it is growing faster, but Java has made some recent expansions in both the EE and SE releases. Node.js is not new (2008 or 2009 I think). Both get loads of criticism. If you are deciding which to learn, both are excellent choices. Personally, I would go with Java for large enterprise grade projects, but Node can handle those as well. In my opinion both are developing and the rise of IoT and new web technologies should keep them growing. Java is a bit more stable due it it being about about 13-14 years older. As I said, both are doing well in terms of development.If I have not answered your question, please be a bit more specific.