Node.js Error: Cannot find module '_debugger'


I have just loaded the most recent version of node.js and it is throwing this error when I initiate a Komodo debugging session. Any ideas? Thanks.

Windows 10
node v8.11.2
Komodo 11.0.2

throw err;

Error: Cannot find module ‘_debugger’

Hi, I cannot confirm this, but I think Node.js has deprecated its “_debugger” module. If there is a way for you to install it manually, then Komodo should be able to use it. Otherwise, we’ll need to update Komodo.

I am certainly not a expert but this page seems to describe the setup:

Is there any solution ?

My config:
Windows 10
node v10.13.0
Komodo 11.1.0

… and same error.

I have the same issue.
Still no solution for this ?

Sorry everyone. A bug report was never created so I had no idea this problem existed. I’ve created a ticket and set it as high priority.

  • Carey

Any progress on this issue?
I need to work with NodeJS now.

@Paul_S, All updates will be made to the ticket linked above.