Node how to refresh the output in the web browser tab

I am lost with my english and the documentation.

i have some asks about how to configure node with komodo ide

When i do Ctrl+s can i re-launch node interpreter to open/refresh the web browser in the tab ?

Do I have to configure some preferences fields?

For the moment i just did : Language -> Node.js->Default Node.js interpreter ->use this interpreter in this field i set c:\node.exe

Must i configure the field in Debugger ->Connection ->Komodo should listen for debugging connections on :->a specific port i set 8080

Must i check *"I am running a debugger proxy and Komodo shoçuld use it"*?

Must i configure a a server in Servers and after configuer something in Mapped URIs??


How did you resolve this @JeremieRousseau?

  • Carey

i created a post on stackoverflow :

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So the answer is to use LiveReload.

I wonder why Nathan didn’t reply you here, though.

Because I saw it on Stackoverflow first.

Gotcha! :slight_smile: